Monday, August 24, 2009

come to papa!.....UPDATED

So far some careful research I have decided that this "Buy of the Year" will get the complete overhaul, Pimp my Ride retro styles and I will sacrifice the "Master" and strip it of its C Record group in order to build an exact replica of the Merckx pictured below.

Cant wait for this frame to arrive so I can start on the ultimate restoration project!

Ride safe....G

Monday, August 17, 2009

From the ground up......

The FINAL PHASE of construction is due any day now!

Today I collected the base's for my "Project" discussed in previous postings.

Highly polished Maple Bases with Gold "Campagnolo" decals will be a fitting base for each of the displays with the polished Carbon and polished C Record parts!

What I didn't mention previously was the fact I am doing two(2) different displays! The 2nd display will remain "undercover brother" until it's completed.

Had a few heart stopping moments trying to make sure the decals went on straight and air bubble free but I think I did a pretty good job for a beginner!

Can't wait to get these displays together and finally be able to have them complete and in working order after so long, still Rome wasn't build in one day was it son!

Stay turned, same Bat channel, same Bat time....

Ride safe....G

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Merckx Mania here comes a really special Merckx project!

Just won this lil beauty on eBay this afternoon, currently sitting in Lexington, Kentucky, United States, and soon to be on its way to lil old NZ for a FULL make over, PIMP MY RIDE Merckx styles!

The plan here is to get a full strip back to the bare metal, treatment against the evils of the "R" word (rust for all those not in the know) then a full custom paint job so its a "one of a kind Merckx", new decals (some custom treats there too) and a couple of clear coats to make her shine baby shine!

Dress her up in full Shimano Dura Ace 7403 8spd STI.

Watch this space for further developments as they come to hand, until then a few more photos for the "before phase" of the project.

As you can see she ain't in the best nick but give us some time to work a little magic and this frame will look brand spanking new again hopefully in time for Xmas!
What a mean Xmas gift it will make as well.

Ride safe....G

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just cos.....

Ride safe....G

Friday, August 7, 2009

Campag - Cool

Take 1 x Canvas blocked frame, add the COOLEST Campagnolo poster ya ever seen and stir gently....

....and hang on ones wall!

Ride safe....G

17 yrs in the making!

The newest edition to my humble lil Steel Stable.....1993 TSX Motorola Eddy Merckx

To all the "Purists" out there, yes I know the Motorola Team didn't use Rolls saddles and I know that they didn't use Campagnolo rims or Mitchelin tyres, but please bare with me, I am only temporarily using this bike until summer when I will then strip her down and do a 150% overhaul of this master piece.

I have in waiting a set of Wolber Rims, Avocet Saddle, Cineli engraved E.Merckx stem (too short for me to ride with).

Fully loaded with Shimano Dura-Ace 7403 components this little baby is a very close working ride able example of a 1993 Team bike that I have seen in yrs. Number hanger and bolt are at the ready for the TdF replica number of the most winning rider Le Tour has ever seen, one Mr L.Armstong, 1993 TdF no#34!

The next series of photo's are simple....only thing better than 1 Eddy Merckx is...well 2 Eddy Merckx!!!

I haven't yet had the chance to ride Eddy yet, as always something to do with work takes over, but I am praying to the weather God's for another fine day tomorrow to test run my new toy!

Ride safe ....G

Monday, August 3, 2009


So whats been happening out there this week Glenn?.....

....Well to be fair everything & nothing.

On the "Project" front things are in a holding pattern whilst I wait for the finishing touches to be made to the wooden base block, sanding and clear coasting etc, much the same for the carbon brackets which will shine up a treat.

Once the polishing is complete its the simple task of fitting it altogether, (I have had it altogether and built up before the polishing phase and believe me it looks awesome!), then its done and onto the next "project".

Bike wise I have sold my "racing bike" (not that I was doing any racing on it hahaha,the 09 Giant previously listed)and so now need another steed to roam the streets of CHCH on and terrorise the locals with....hmmmm what to buy? Well I have decided to go total Retro for the next 6mths or so.......

....After all the blog title is Rewiretrorides!

1993 Motorola Eddy Merckx kitted out full Dura Ace 8spd STI, niiiiiiiice!!!

Pretty much the only components not Team issue will br the Saddle (rocking a white Rolls - cant have white handle bar tape and black saddle, I'm sorry that's just NOT OK....EVER!!!) and the Mavic rims, Wolber clincher rims are pretty hard to come by these days and I'm not keen on rolling tubs at $50+ a flat ya no!

So the Boys at the shop are cleaning up the grouppo for me and will put Eddy together for me this wk (would love to do it myself but working far too much this wk) and will probably place it next to my other (fav Eddy) Merckx in their shop window for a few days before I collect it.

Cant wait to ride this bike, I have always wanted a Motorola Merckx, and I never got to race on a top steal bike, carbon and alloy were the order of the day when I started racing, so riding a TSX frame will be a treat for sure, SL & SLX are nice and smooth so I'm hoping the TSX will be a treat also. My last Eddy I rode (set up as a single speed) was SL and man it was nice to ride, a touch too big but still so so smooth!

So the Merckx will see me right until the other side of Xmas and the track season at Denton speed dome. Ha road riding on a '93 steely and track racing on a 06 BT full carbon with Zipps, cant get much further apart than that now can ya!?!

Watch this space in the coming days as I post photos of the Merckx build and also HOPEFULLY by Friday the "project" in its finished glory!

Ride safe....G