Monday, September 15, 2008

Latest stash

A few shots of the latest stash that just landed.

2 sets Croce D'aune hubs, 1 x set C Record hubs, 1 x 3T record 84 stem, Suntour S Pro front and rear derailluers, 3 x Regina cassettes, and a BIG smile on my face!
Now I'm wondering how I can incorporate these into my girlfriends 21st presents so I dont get in the shit for not having 21 presents, ops ah sorry I mean what do you mean you dont like the hubs I got for you,us,me :)
We never learn do we hahaha, wish me luck, think I might need it.

Something completely different

As if waking up each day knowing that Eddy and Ernesto are waiting for you to take them for a ride wasnt enough check out the morning view from today!!!

Dam shame I had to get to work and didnt get better shot of sun coming up. Just another magic spring day in sunny (hahahahahhahaaaahhahaa) Christchurch, New Zealand.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Rossin in the Family

No sooner has the new owner of my last Rossin emailed me to say thanks for a great buy, i find myself having brought another one.

this bad boy will be parted out for the groupset (Campagnolo C Record) and the frame and forks will go under the hammer on eBay.

Watch this space for updates on the grouppo and more photos when she turns up on the door step.