Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well I know this is not "Retro" and that is the main reason for selling it, I need to fund my new addiction and I just don't have time to ride this bike anymore so under the hammer it must go!!

Ridley Excalibur (team issue BenchmarkHomes) Med semi compact.

Full Dura Ace 10 spd this bike is only 12mths old and has hardly been ridden in the past 6mths (mainly due to work commitments, partly due to CBF) Comes with Ritchey Carbon seat post and Ritchey WCS alloy bars and stem (almost as light as carbon version) Reynolds Carbon bottle cages and a brand new set (still in box) of Reynolds Solitude Wheels (Shimano wheels pictured not mine, or as good as the Reynolds).

This bike has treated me extremely well over the past yr and I highly recommend Ridley's to anyone who wants a great value for money race/training bike.

That said this bike is probably the best value for money deal your likely to come across anytime soon!!!

$3000.00 for the complete bike and I'll ship for free within NZ.

for more photos and or info on this deal email me at or leave a comment with your return email address.

happy riding, G

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bed Time Reading

Latest addition to the Campagnolo Collection 2 rare and generally very expensive Catalogues for the mid 80's.

The first is "catalogue n. 18" (super record etc 1985?) and the second is "catalogue n. 18bis" (1st generation C Record 1986?)

These catalogues have some glorious photos in them and detailed exploded diagrams of all the components in each of the group sets listed.

These catalogues are just so mint and have so much detail in them I cant believe they were/are ever for sale!

Below is one of the coolest pic's I ever seen of the legendary Delta's, 1st generation Delta's exploded to show ever part and order of assembly, magic stuff

Almost makes me want to have a go at playing mechanic and rebuilding my set of Delta's but thankfully I haven't been smoking crack today and will leave them in peace.

For me the C Record group set is the most classic, beautiful group set of them all, the lines are clean and simple the components scream durability and its easy to see why even now some 22yrs later that its possibly "the" most sort after of all the Campagnolo group sets by classic bike collectors and restorers the world over.

For those who like something a little older, been known to par take myself on occasion, the Campagnolo Super Record road group is also a very classic group set, I guess you might describe it as the last of the true classic groups!

Quote ....."It is the jewel Group of Campagnolo line, for professionals, balanced to obtain the best results during races." Not really too much more to be added to that really!!!

Two very cool photo's from the catalogue (below) are of the factory and also a worker putting the crank sets together, wonder how many sets he ending up doing? and in fact if any of the sets I own were done on his watch???