Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rowing.....who knew?

Cycling will always ALWAYS be my true love of all things sporting but alas I have discovered a new love, one that holds no bars in terms of power, skill.....ROWING!

Two New Zealand LEGEND rowers pictured above going toe to toe! Unless you have tried it I just dont think you can really appriecate just how much strength and power and skill is involved in this sport, its incredible how much you have to concentrate and the amount of power you need to generate to go fast on the water.

Speaking from experience, you can pull the biggest numbers you want on an indoor rowing machine at the gym but until you hit the water the numbers count for nothing!

I have now been rowing for the past 3mths and it just keeps getting better and better! Apart from the sporting aspect of things the team building within the crews and club is amazing, the coaches are world class ex Olympic and World Champions dating from the 70's right through to only a couple of yrs ago!!! I have never been in the company of 1 Olympic champion let alone 3 in the same shed talking about how to row a boat, its unreal!!!

From 8's to 4's top quads, doubles and now the single scull's this sport is fantastic from start to finish!

If you have a river or lake near by and a rowing club get out there and do it, just try it, im sure you will be hooked!

Thanks to all those who keep reading, sorry for the lack of posts over the past 3mths, I will try to keep things updated a bit better in 2010!

On that note I hope you all had a great Xmas day and wish you all a very happy New Yrs and that 2010 brings you lots of fun and steel bike madness!

Ride safe....G